Adobe Illustrator: The Reason behind its Popularity

In the design world, Adobe Illustrator is turning into a popular software package. Why is adobe illustrator so prevalent? Colors, strokes, and lines can be easily tackled in Illustrator. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, you can learn illustrator via Skillshare. Few of the basic things, which you can learn at beginner level are listed beneath.

  1. Map Drawing

To draw various shapes and line, the pen and line tool is available in Adobe Illustrator. With pen tool, you’re able to draw several shapes. For beginners, it is a bit difficult to learn the utilization of the pen tool however if you learn illustrator via Skillshare makes it so simple to use the pen tool.

  1. Icon Drawing

Illustrator offers robust grid system with the help of which one can draw icon graphics precisely. You are able to design various shapes likes circle, rectangle, and square. The align tool and snapping feature make it easier to arrange and draw shapes. To fill the shape with appropriate color, select it and choose the shade you want.

  1. Realistic Objects Drawing

Learn illustrator via Skillshare

The mesh and gradient tool are used to produce smooth and realistic shadings. Learn illustrator via Skillshare, if you want to impress your client with the final output of the realistic object drawing.

  1. Infographics Drawing

As we, all know to show figures and statistics, magazines and newspaper mostly use the infographics. The majority of the drawings are done with Adobe Illustrator because it includes important tools to design different pie charts and graphs automatically by just filling the data figures.

  1. Drawing Cartoons

With the easily accessible flat colors, one can make cute cartoons. The pen and gradient tool makes coloring and shading in Adobe Illustrator so simple. If your client doesn’t like the color palette, then you can swap the shades easily.

  1. Logos

The adobe illustrator EPS file with isolated background feature has the ability to produce good-looking and sharp logos for advertising materials and company profiles.


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