Best design awards for air purifiers

At present, while looking out to purchase an air purifier, we all have a plenty of options to choose from. Depending on our requirements like the environment we live in, size of our space, choice of design, features and affordability, we all might end with the purchase of completely different air purifiers.

The time when our choice is majorly restricted to the design, then we look for an air purifier that is not only efficient but is also well designed.

Although there are numerous designs available under a single brand of air purifier – still, finding a perfect design for our homes is difficult. So looking forward for the best design, many people prefer to go some of the best design awards for air purifiers.  They view the products that received those awards and check for what special design they have that got them on the list. After going through many of such awards and air purifiers they gradually end with a selection of a nice as well as satisfactory design of air purifier. In order to minimize this research here we have a list of few purifiers that have received awards for their design. So, kindly go through them because there’s a possibility for you to find something really good.


Red Dot Award: The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious product design awards throughout the world. This award is a part of one of the annually organized award functions in Germany and is organized by Design ZentrumNordrheinWestfalen. All Air purifiers and products who receive this award get globally recognized and are well known for their excellence in design. The product is also given a tag of brilliant design achievement. In the year 2013, Blueair Sense air purifier received this award for its well known outstanding design. Other than this, Concrete Air Purifier was also rewarded by this Red Dot Award in the year 2016. Both of this purifier had a great design and could be a part of your home/office air purifier. In 2018, most professionals in the business are looking at the Cowayairmega 400s  to win the red dot award – check out why here.

Housewares Design Award: It’s one of the premier award functions that majorly focus on house-ware design innovation. This award function was started in 2003 by the owners of Home World Business. It was started to honor the designing and manufacturing efforts of the industries that worked hard for   improving the standards of everyday life. Till now, it has come across around 762 products and has awarded the “Best of Category” award to 154 brand products. The air purifier Blue air has been one of these products because in the year2018 it has received “Best in Category” and “Best of the Best” Housewares Design award. The main selection criteria for this award were its making material, technology and design.

Best Buy Award: The Best Buy Award is given only if the product meets all the international standards set forth by ICERTIAS. ICERTIAS refers to the International Certification Association. It has its headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.  There are number of local as well as international co-partners of this organization. Reviewboard being a part of it awarded the three versions of IQAir New room air purifier with the “Best Buy” award. These versions were IQAir New Edition HealthPro 250, New Edition HealthPro 100 & New Edition GC MultiGas.

So this was short design award summery of different air purifiers hope you find it helpful in finding best designed air purifier for your premises.


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