Best Running Shoes for Bunions – Specially Designed Shoes To Make Your Running Trouble Free

People and runners who have got bunions will agree to a fact that finding the best and comfortable shoes is important for their wellbeing and painless and comfortable running and walking.

Bunions are the deformity that will cause some serious pain and discomfort particularly from friction with the uncomfortable shoes while running. For this reason, when you are looking for the right shoes for bunions, one needs to pick the models that are wider & with the bigger toe boxes, have soft mesh and fabric uppers that are stretchy and adjustable to bunions. The shoes have to give good cushioning that will protect bunions from any impact and running shock. No matter whether you select them to be very neutral and stability depends if you have low or high arches.

best running shoes for shin splintsCharacteristics of the right shoes for bunions

There are some features that you need to look when you are shopping for the best running shoes for bunions:

  • The sufficiently high and wide toe box, which will fit your foot with bunions freely & limit any possible friction of bunions with your shoe during running. It’s the good idea for trying on shoes before you even order them as in a few cases you might have to order half a size larger or in other half a size smaller that depends on a particular model, shape of the foot and bunions you have.
  • The flexible and soft mesh and textile upper that will stretch all along your foot shape and bunions, and will not cause any friction for bunions when running and walking. Seamless and 3D printed shoes without any overlaps and seams can irritate bunions must be preferred. There are some latest and best running shoes for bunions that have mesh “bunion windows” to try out.

Some other features will help to decrease the pain and discomfort from running with the bunions includes right soft cushioning, light weight, arch support, and overall comfort.


You need to ensure that you’re aware of your problems, thus you will be able to address them in a better way. For instance, we have the separate guide with the recommendations on running shoes particularly for plantar fasciitis.

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