Customise your house or store

Custom shelving is something that can be done both in houses and in retail stores to add some extra space and also to make the area look more fashionable. Custom shelving or us e of custom made shelves and displays at home can add some extra space to your living room and make your house look more attractive. The custom shelving can be done in almost every room of the house in order to maximize space especially now days when houses are not that big enough in size but do cost a lot of money.

In houses

Custom shelving can be done in the following manner in ones house:

  • Living room- This is one room that is used the most by the family to sit together or to watch television; in a living room custom shelving can be used to keep DVD’S, books, photo albums, records and other important family things. One can also use custom shelving to store board games.
  • Office- Most of the people today have a make shift office at home; so here custom shelving can be done to make a study corner for the kids and some space can also be used to keep books and items of frequent use.
  • Washing room- This is one room where all the dirty linen is washed, dried and ironed; so here custom shelves can be installed to keep detergent, dirty clothes, iron and other important stuff that cannot be kept in the house like umbrellas for the rainy season. A custom shelf can also be made to keep the ironing table which can be taken out whenever needed.
  • Bedroom- Here one can install bookshelves to keep books and also some extra shelves to accommodate cosmetics and other important stuff that is needed in the day to day life.

So, custom shelving can be done at home to utilize as much as space as possible and to easily accommodate all the stuff.

custom shelving 1

In stores

Stores usually uses custom shelving for promoting their business and it has a lot of benefits like:

  • To promote the items on display; customised shelving is the best retail solution for selling of goods. This also helps sin promoting the store and garnering more business. Properly displayed products make the visual representation easy and attractive.
  • Guide customers- If one uses customised shelving in stores then they can guide the customers to the range of products that they want. High priced products can be kept together while low price can be kept separately.
  • Build brand- Such fixtures help in promoting a brand; a better display would gather more crowd and would help in making higher sales. So it is a great way of building a brand and promoting it.
  • Attractiveness- It makes the store look more attractive for the buyers; a proper display would any day gather more attention and crowd which in turn would increase the sales and profits.

So, custom shelving is a great of maximizing space and utilizing it the most.


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