Exploring The History of Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Stone is one the most beautiful gemstone available. After diamond it is the hardest naturally found stone in the earth. The hardness of ruby is 9 and that od diamond being 10. In ancient time it was believed that ruby comes from a tree. The tree has the white bud which eventually turns red when it is time to pluck the ruby.  When the ruby is ripen then it turns red in the presence of sunlight, this is the point when people pluck the ruby from the tree. And the stone was called ‘ manikya stone’ because ruby is called manik in Hindu religion.

The color ranges of ruby gemstone varies and have the ranges from bright red, pinkish red, dark red, brownish red, purplish-red and pink. Light colored ruby is appropriate for the women whereas the dark colored ruby is suitable for the men. In the ancient time people believed ruby as the royal jewel. It is very expensive and has the mystical powers.

Facts about the Ruby Gemstone:

The table shows the different information about the ruby gemstone.

Gemstone Natural Mozambique Ruby
Weight 1.14 carats
Treatment None.
Origin Mozambique
Planetary Energy Sun
Patron Location Bangalore / India
All inclusive Price $ 2422.67 / INR 157474


Sources of Ruby gemstone:

The biggest source of the ruby gemstone is Myanmar. The mining of ruby in Myanmar is older than you can think. It has been the mining of ruby in Myanmar since the human civilization.

Ruby from the mine of Mogok is the purest among all. The ruby mined frommogok is also called ‘pigeon red’. It is very pure and natural. Besides, Thailand, Kenya, Pakistan Sri Lanka, Tanzania has surprised the world by the extraction of the natural ruby. Rubies have been found recently in the U.S. State of Montana, South Carolina and North Caroline as well as big rubies found in Greenland. Ruby also enters the international market from the African mines. Transparent ruby in big sizes are still hard to find than the diamond. The transparent ruby is very rare and is too expensive in the gemstone market.

How a ruby gemstone does benefit the owner?

Not only beauty ruby also holds an immense power in the astrological field. It can benefit the owner in many aspects.

  • Cures depression: the ruby gemstone has the unique set of energy and vibration that helps in cheering the mood of the owner. It helps to take the person out of the depression. The flow of the energy is so intense that the person involves himself/ herself in creative works curing the depression and anxiety.
  • Heath Benefits; the ruby stone emits special color radiation which is healthy for the eye. Staring at the ruby stone daily cures the eyesight problems. Similarly the calming power of the stone helps in calming the mind and blood circulation.
  • Self-realization: A pure and good ruby stone clicks with the wearer so fast and helps in enlightening the inner self to boost the self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Exam preparation and other important activities: During the exam preparation time and other similar important activities the ruby stone helps in the better concentration and focus in the work. Resulting the good grades and better outcome of the prepared work.
  • Anniversary Gemstone: Ruby is also called anniversary gemstone because it is gifted during the anniversary. It is believed that the use of ruby gemstone helps in strengthening the family relationship along with the couple relationship. It creates the happy environment in the house and office avoiding the conflicts and problems.
  • Lucky Gemstone; ruby is also called as the lucky gemstone. Because it brings the fortune and luck to the wearer. In every work and activities, ruby helps in gaining the luck and fortune due to which you get success in the life.

To wear the ruby gemstone, simply dip the stone in the milk, face your head towards the sunrise and wear the stone chanting the holy mantra “Java Kusumsamka-sham Kashya-peyamMahaDyutim !
Tamo-arimsarva-papaghnamPranato-smiDivakaram !! “.  The best day to wear the stone is on Sunday morning.


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