How to earn on Youtube. Earning on screenshots and views

Internet is growing rapidly, changing inquiries for various services. One of such service is writing articles for site owners. From this article you’ll know the ways of earning on articles, namely articles from youtube. Surely you can’t sell ready articles taken from Youtube. So where do we get an article, especially with photos, without leaving our home. Go to YouTube. It is great resource of information. You can use it to make a screenshot of video.


Our task is using button «PtrSc». It will give us possibility of earning on screenshots. One video can give us endless number of shots. You can make 10-16 pictures from one video that depict the process of making something.

Preparation of material

1. Select topic for earning by screenshots: recipes, handmade, makeup, computer programs, est.
2. Go to YouTube and search for videos with desired topic. For example, write “how to cook risotto.”
3. We need to filter out commercials. To do this, click the “Filters” and specify the «HD».
4. We have a list of videos in HD quality. Now select video that you like more and open it.
5. In the lower right corner click on the button “Settings”. Here a list of “quality” opens.
Note: we need video with quality of 1080p and more.
6. Run the program «Paint».
7. Take a screenshot.

How to make screenshot?
It’s simple enough: find button «PrtSc» on the keyboard and press it when you need to make screenshot.
Now our task is to see the whole video, which we have chosen, and take pictures of screen at key moments.
Note: Look for moments where the least movement, so we get the most clear images.

8. Open «Paint» and paste screenshot into the program. To do this, you can press key combination «ctrl + v».
9. Remove image with all superfluous. Select the tool “Select”. Change frame and choose size that you want. Now that we have to set the boundaries of image, click “Cut”
10. Save the resulting image: click “Save As”, “image in format JPEG».
11. Now you need to write an article in compliance with spelling and punctuation, outlining what you have heard in video as close as possible to the original. You should write description to each step of image. Then text should be checked on uniqueness. The best result is 100%.
12. Your article with screenshots is ready and you can sell it at any Content Exchange.
Copywriting, rewriting, videos, selling and buying products, cloth, furniture and even houses – everything is possible in the Internet. And YouTube is your reliable resource of getting money hence Buy YouTube Views for reputation.

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