Multiple meanings of a single term may have some different senses

Dictionary is helpful to find the exact meaning of any word. The meaning of a word which is written in the form of statement is termed to be called as the definition. The definitions can be classified into two types called as the extensional definitions and intensional definitions. The class of ostensive devotions are considered as an important category of definitions. There may be different senses and multiple meanings for a single term. The precise meaning can be obtained for a new term with the mathematical definition. The pre-existing term can also be defined with the definition and that is the main reason why the definitions are constructed with modern mathematics.

DictionaryWords from the local dialects:

The meaning to a word or group of words can be attached and expressed with a definition in the modern usage. The defined is not the meaning of the word which is defined but it will convey the same meaning as that of the word. There are many sub-types of the specific definition in the given field of study or knowledge. The alphabetical order of the first letter can be used to organize the words in a rhyme order. The words from the local dialects will not only include the literary words and technical terms. The translation is done for the middle Persian language along with the phonetic transcription in the alphabets. The definitions and words are included in many of the dictionaries written in Arabic.

Superior sense of the title:

The specialist dictionaries will mainly use the modern system apart from the generally used dictionaries. The supporting examples can be eliminated which will include the words and dictionaries. The glossaries of French and Spanish can be found with the earliest dictionaries in the English language. The large grammatical work is adopted with the alphabetical lexicon. Most of the dictionaries are written with the superior sense of the title. The textual referenced of most of the words have been evolved with the popular form of the presentation. You can create more interest in a specific language if you start using the dictionary.


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