Should Brides Get Tanned Before The Big Day?

Getting tanned can be a very simple thing for people nowadays. This was not always like this. In the old days, people had to go to beaches for that desirable tan look. More recently, newer methods have come up like tanning sessions or spray tans. All kinds of people are getting tanned in the most different kinds of situations. For instance, it is a recent trend for brides to get a perfect sun-kissed look before a wedding. For this kind of situations, the Bridal Airbrush Tan was created.

There are many reasons to have this sort of appearance change, yet the most important one is to look dazzling and beautiful on the most important day of your life. Despite being a very demanded service, a Bridal Airbrush Tan is not done by anyone due to the specifics elements and characteristics that it entails. Nonetheless, for newbies, here are some important things to take into consideration.

First and foremost, the bride has to research to see which professional salon can provide a Bridal Airbrush Tan. As I previously stated, this requires experts who specifically specialized in bridal tanning. Gambling with your look right before a wedding is a complete mistake. Get the right help for the desired look. Another important factor is the schedule. It is not proper to just have one tanning session before the wedding. For that, the bride should schedule several sessions with months in advance to have enough time to perfect the exact color that she wants. Having these ‘trial sessions’ is important in getting that personal attention that every bride wants.

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The third important element is skin exfoliation. A Bridal Airbrush Tan is not exempt of this requirement. But bear in mind, do not exfoliate your skin the day of the appointment, this will not work. You need to at least do it two days before. Also, brides should know that showering right after the session is not beneficial. It is very common to feel uncomfortable right after getting tanned. But holding off the shower is needed to let the tanning products properly adhere to your skin. Only then, you can get that desired sun-kissed tan for your wedding.

And one last thing to get the best Bridal Airbrush Tan is having several skin relaxing treatments before the tanning session. By this I am referring to pampering yourself, going to a spa, or even getting a full body massage. Being completely relaxed will done wonders to your skin’s reception of the tanning products.

Either way, the day of the tanning sessions don’t be afraid to ask anything that you don’t understand. Going forward with this tanning session can only be possible if there is complete communication between the bride and the tanning expert. Also remember not to spray over previously done tan. Wait until the old tan has come off. Working over previous work can get ugly. Always remember that getting a perfect Bridal Airbrush Tan is a vital necessity for many brides before the big day, don’t put in risk months on planning. Get the best experts and have your skin beautifully tanned.


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