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Blue Crates helps us to save Money & time

Blue Crates is one of the most trustworthy companies in Chicago that has been gleaming worldwide with its vast experience.What has been making us the most preferred choice of thousands of brands is the fact that we have been performing our service by inculcating “care”& maintaining the highest standards of “safety” all the time while executing services. We use the best quality eco-friendly crates & wardrobes and employ the most diligent team in order to provide you the service with much ease and safety.

What services you can enjoy here in Blue crates?

  • Extending your closet
  • Organizing your home
  • Swapping out your seasonal wardrobe
  • Managing your shoe collection
  • Staging your home
  • Storing your holiday decorations
  • Giving your spouse some closet space
  • Decluttering your space
  • Student summer storage

Therefore, keeping ourselves readily available for the contingencies concerning the storing, swapping, etc, we emerge as a savior for our clients. We have trained and well-skilled people in our team for every task: swapping, packaging, storing, loading, transporting and unloading.

eco-friendly crates

Benefits of Our Services

  • We give safe & secure services by our climate controlled facilities, on which our people are constantly working to keep your stuff safe & secure.
  • You can even keep tabs that will help you to organize your stuff in a more efficient way. You can snap a picture of what is in your crate.
  • Since we use our eco-friendly wardrobes & crates, it helps us to avoid those cardboards again.
  • We give you the services at very reasonable prices in less time.

Crates & Wardrobes Delivered Right to Your Door. Free Delivery. Free Pickup.

You need to schedule a drop-off and we will bring our industrial strength Blue Crates right to your door, free of cost. Select one ofour packages depending on your home size. We will pack your belongings in our eco-friendly crates & wardrobes. We make your move in an organized manner by providing the labels.And once your moving is complete, Blue Crates people will come to your new house to pick up your empty crates. These features of Blue Crates will make your experience better & long-lasting. We believe in providing excellent services in totally amazing and affordable price. Try our services today.

Contact us!

Contact us for more options, information& queries. Blue crates will help you to keep your stuff safe & sound under its surveillance.

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