Taking a load off people with mental illness

There is the gym who are hoping to take the load off people who are having a mental illness. They want their load to put on the bars of the weightlifters.

They are aiming to raise around 25,000 dollars for charity through doing the weightlifting competition at its south bay gym. The event organizer is saying that mental illness is the issue, which is felt by many in the gym community, but rarely someone is speaking about it. A lot of members over here are struggling with the mental illness or knowing someone who has this.

It is affecting the personal and professional life of the people in a huge way. In the gym all, the people are like one family so there are peoples who are talking openly about their struggles. However outside there is still a massive stigma attached to it.

south bay gym

They are encouraging everyone regardless of the fitness level and age to make a difference in the lives of the people, who are battling with anxiety, depression and mental illness.

This event would be run on the same week on the National day and the money raised will be helpful in contributing to the services, information resources, programs and campaigns for tackling anxiety, suicide, and depression.

If you are not been able to take the part then just donate.

Gym training is more than physical training. It is also called the training for life. Based on some analysis the gym workout is meant for creating better versions of self and mainly there are three levels.

First, the gym participants perceive themselves as to be productive and efficient in general.

Second, gym training is believed to increase the control of the own lives. Third, gym members are associating their gym workout with amplified emotional resilience. They believe that gym workout will make them fitter not only in the physical sense but also equipped them better to handle psychological senses. There are a small group of regular gym goers who have displayed sentiments that are more critical and have distanced themselves from the images and values that gym stands for.

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