The Different Types of HVAC Dampers You Need to Be Aware off

Most of us when we are thinking of an air dampers, we immediately rush to an air damper thinking of rushing to a freshly lit the fireplace to flip the soot covered handle that opens the chimney as the room begins to smoke. The HVAC damper at Blackhawk is a simple enough concept, direct, or redirect airflow in your air conditioning or exhaust system based on the needs and the requirements.

So why are the HVAC Dampers at Blackhawk Supply there with so many different styles? They generally range from the starting price of $5 to 500$ what’s the difference and which one do you need. Below given are the types of HVAC dampers you need to be aware off. Let’s have a look at them below.

Back Draft Dampers: The purpose of the back draft dampers is believed to be the same as the name suggests. It actually blocks the air from reversing and blowing back into the vent in a wrong direction. Say for example You might have placed them on an fresh air vent that generally goes out of the exterior walls so that the indoor air can go out and the outdoor air could actually get back to the conditioned pace.Though there are different designs available, the most commonly back draft damper generally tends to have a hinge in the center of the balancing blade that actually goes ahead and collapses in just one direction.

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Manual Volume Damper: The Manual Volume Damper is generally believed to be a kind of standoff handle type that is required when the sheet metal duct turns out to have an external insulation. These standoff handles generally allow for the damper blade that has to be adjusted without being hindered by the insulation. This is also believed to be one of the best options when it comes to the dust collections systems, paint spray booths, the smokers, or any application that requires frequent air flow adjustments.

Basic Manual Volume Damper: These are generally believed to be those kind of dampers whose main purpose is to adjust the air velocity for the specific branches of the duct. Say for example if you have too much of air being coming out of your bedroom, you can the close the damper to that room either partially or all the way so that the air will be redirected to the other parts of the room. Most individuals generally think of buying these as they believe that they can use this to completely shut off the branch of duct and this is not the case.

These were just a few but there are a lot more to go. So what other types would you like to add to the blog above. How have they turned to work out for you? Leave your comments below and we would be happy to add them above.

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