Rackinginwhich pallet racks is part of the system are storage aid system which is used for storingmaterials on pallets. All types of pallets are used for storing palletized materials. Racking system is employed for storage purposes in different organizations. Organizations where racking system is often seen is the modern warehouses, manufacturing facilitates, distribution comprises, storage facilities and many others. Racking system is very important and highly needed in all storage related business but getting good anddurable racksis another factor you must consider well. You can get your authentic and long lasting racking system at shelf n store company in Singapore.

This company has been in existence for more than 10 years, rendering warehouse rackingthis particular service to people of Singapore and in other areas. We are the best place you can buy your racking system which comes in different variations such as the superblock racking system, the pallet racking system, rack supported mezzanine, double fold boltless rack, VNA pallet racking, cantilever racking, the drive-in racking and many more. You can as well make an online purchase of our ranking machine by accessing our website domain name at with your mobile phones such as android, blackberry and your computer laptop and desktop. Our 5arget is provided our valued customers with quality racking solution, consultancy and design in the whole of Singapore. We are the first racking company to lunch an internet store, otherwise known as online or virtual store. This makes transactions of racking products to be easy over the internet.


Great storage for larger products: It is important to note that products exist in different shape and size, especially in a warehouse. Almost all small products inside the warehouse or other establishment where racking is needed are kept one side but this is done easily when the product to be stored is very large. Not having enough space in your storage facility can make your warehouse to be accommodated without much space. However, just by purchasing shelf and store racking system, the heavy and big loads are adequately taken care of; creating much space where you can store other products.

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