The Most Common Mental Issue-Introduction

Depression is one of the important mental issues that are faced by most of the people in the world. Not even depression occupies the major place even the other mental issues like bipolar disorder, psychosis and other issues like anxiety and stress are the major factors that affects people a lot. They are many doctors in treating such patients to get back to their normal life. these types of issues are mainly due to the pressure and the stress that the people are facing in their daily activities therefore it is important to treat them in the starting stage itself or else it may leads to mental stage and in some cases even attempting suicide is also possible. Therefore to ensure relax full environment to the affected persons the counseling assessment are made by Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin. Provides one hour session to the patients in order to counseling them and also 30 minutes session are also made to the patients to recover them from the above mental issues. The demand for psychiatrist is widely increasing a lot in now a day.

History And Education Of Dr Mohiuddin

Dr Mohiuddin was born in bred and he is educated in London. He accomplished his graduation degree in medicine in the year 1999 from the UCL Medical School. Once finishing his general surgery and general medicine he made a decision in choosing the field of psychiatry i.e. psychotherapy in the year 2000. After completing Psychotherapy he worked in a full pledged way in the place Bedfordshire and also in Luton, there he is respected as a NHS psychiatrist locally. He worked in Luton and Bedforshire hardly 10 years. Later on he worked hard for providing his patients a pleasant life by curing them from metal issues and other health problems.


Now Dr Mohiuddin is well known psychiatrist london and the specialist in treating substance misuse psychiatry, home treatment, acute assertive, acute liaison, and community, outreach and alcohol addictives. He also considered as the best and the leading psychiatry for the working age group of people. And now he is expert in the city of London and does his service along with his wife. He schedule his daily hours with the session period of 1 hour for his patients, the individuals can also get the appointment for even 30 minutes. The 30 minutes appointment timing is provided to them for the session of medical reviewing.

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