Things to Know before Tennis Court Construction and Tennis Court Resurfacing

When you want to have a new tennis court constructed in your property, you should first educate yourself about different types of surfaces. Your knowledge about different surfaces will also help when you finally think of tennis court resurfacing after years of use. Generally, you can choose from the following surfaces:

  • Clay: You can opt for American Red/Har-try/European Clay courts. The surfaces are usually made using crushed basal.
  • Artificial Grass: You can opt for this court surface for a reduced risk of injury while playing.
  • Soft Asphalt: It is made using layers of stone, and the top layer is usually made of asphalt. It does not require any maintenance and usually continues to serve you well for years.
  • Clay Tech: You can opt for this combination of stone and brick, especially if you are concerned about the maintenance of your tennis court and tennis court resurfacing.

It is worth mentioning that even if you are interested in having a new tennis court constructed, you need to take your time and ensure that you are hiring the most experienced contractor for the project. Experience is important for tennis court construction, so you should make no compromises here. Experienced contractors can also help you with tennis court resurfacing when you finally need it.

Know before Tennis Court Construction

The good thing is that experienced contractors usually offer comprehensive services. For instance, they do not just help you construct your tennis court, but they also do it while offering many other services. They can help you with landscape plan and design. Some contractors are also capable of offering services related to base install, excavation, and fencing. They can also help you design interlock pathways, retaining walls, and professional drainage systems. Working with such professional contractors will ensure that you end up getting maximum satisfaction.

It is important to bear in mind that tennis court resurfacing can cost you a lot depending on the type of surface you already have installed in your court. In most cases, you have to spend anywhere between $4000 and $8000. For resurfacing, you will have to call in a contractor who will have a closer look at everything to determine the amount of work your court needs.  They may have to deal with drainage issues and fix concrete or asphalt cracks prior to resurfacing. .

The bottom line is that you can have many different types of tennis courts designed for you, but you have to consider your unique needs and special circumstances to make a decision. Once you have decided, you need to ensure that you are working with highly professional and experienced contractors because they will help you with every aspect of tennis court construction. Moreover, you should select a court surface depending on how much maintenance you can handle on your own. The type of a surface you select will also have a huge impact on how money you have to spend on tennis court resurfacing. So, keep these points in mind before finalizing a decision.



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