Types of Pneumatic Valves That You Should Know about

A pneumatic valve, air operated valve, or more commonly known as air valve is a valve that operates with the help of air as the air pressure pushes the piston or a diaphragm to make the valve work. They have a variety of functions, like controlling the rate of flow of any liquid, controlling pressure, the amount of air, and the direction of movement in a pneumatic system. Various types of these valves differ in their functions. With that being said, here’s a list of different kinds of air valves and what they do.

Flow control valves

Flow control is one of the signature features of pneumatic valves. Flow control valves are used to control the flow of the fluid in the system whenever there is a need. They monitor the speed of the flow of fluid with the help of either a temperature gauge or some other control mechanism. All that flow control pneumatic valves do is monitor the speed and direction of the flow of liquid based on what any specific system needs.

Flow control valves

Directional control valves

One of the kinds of pneumatic valves that have a wide variety and application are directional control valves. Directional control valves are pretty much like flow control valves. What changes in these valves is the amount of control? As the name suggests, directional control valves offer control in various directions and allow the liquid to flow in a number of paths form a variety of sources. Directional control valves come with an operator. This operator would shift from one place to another, allowing movement of liquid in the needed direction.

Pressure relief valves

When pressure is not monitored, it can cause serious accidents. Pressure relief valves, as their name suggests, are used to monitor and release pressure when needed. These valves come with spring. When there is enough pressure, they spring open to release the excess amount of pressure. This kind of valves is mostly sued in industries that have centralized compressors, industries that work with steam, or storage of air.

These are some of the types of pneumatic valves and their operations. While this list would seem small, there’s no being fooled by this list. Within each kind of pneumatic valve, you would find an endless variety of valves with even more specific application and features that are useful for very specific industries.

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