Why Is Pokemon Still Around After 20+ Years?

If you are a true blue gamer, and sometimes even if you are not, you would know what a pokemon is. In the late ’90s, Pokemon is such a big hit due to its focus on collection and training small magical animals called pokemon. It has a rock and scissors game mechanics that is both simple and engaging and at the same time have a level of complexity. These are the combination of factors that kids love, where they can discuss complex things in front of their dumbstruck parents among their friends.

Pokemon Game Developers Understand Kids

Part of the magic of the Pokemon game franchise is that it has versions for almost all the consoles of the generation. It has games across Nintendo, PC, and Consoles even up to now. Recently it has launched the popular Pokemon Go where it utilizes augmented reality and geo-location in its game elements. Pokemon is not just a game of cute animals fighting one another. Although this by itself is a surefire way to attract kids of all ages. It offers up a rules system that is simple enough for kids to grasp but retain its mystery to parents – which kids absolutely love. For many kids, this is one of those firsts that they can claim that they are true experts on a subject.


Combat, Collection, And Training Mechanics

The game has made training and owning creatures valuable enough in the game to make every player want to display a shiny and powerful creature. It is game design like this that are the most enduring. Collecting and training rare creatures have been at the core of Pokemon games over the years and the developers really did not change this as there is no need. Why fix it if it isn’t broken right?

Pokemon Fans Still Want The Classic Experience

One of the most popular platforms to play pokemon in is the Gameboy Advance by Nintendo. Its one of the very first full color and portable game consoles ever developed and everyone wants to have one. Even Now decades, after it was released GBA custom ROMS for Pokemon are still being developed and remains very popular. Custom pokemon roms gba are games that are derived from the original assets of the game but are developed with additional effects and storylines. Sometimes the whole gameplay is altered altogether. This just adds to the popularity of the franchise even more and adds to its longevity.


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