Why You Need to Adopt A Senior Dog

Having a puppy is fun but adopting a senior dog is remarkable and rewarding. When you are thinking about picking up a dog, do not look past the senior dogs. Senior dogs can make great pets for the following reasons:

They never stop showing their gratitude

When you adopt a senior dog, you are literally saving their lives. With this, they will never stop showing their gratitude. It feels good when you open your home to an older pet knowing that you are showing them love and comfort during their twilight years. They will dedicate the remainder of their lives thanking you.

They make excellent therapy dogs

Senior dogs are a welcome distraction in hospitals and nursing homes. Aside from that, they make an excellent best friend or companion for senior citizens.

They already learned many lessons
Senior dogs are way past the “puppy” lessons. This means that they already learned the difference between toys and expensive furniture and shoes. You will have no problem leaving your dog alone because you know they are already trained.


They are gentle on your carpets

If you have puppies, you will find it a challenge potty training them. This will not be a problem with senior dogs. Senior dogs already have built-in knowledge about potty training as an outdoor activity. This will save you tons of frustration.

They are independent

Senior dogs already mastered the art of amusing themselves. This means that although they love to be around their masters, they are totally independent. As their owner, you have peace of mind knowing that you can trust them to play safely on their own when you are busy. Senior dogs will happily chew a bone or simply find a nice cozy spot for a nap.

They have a lot of love to give

Surely some senior dogs experienced emotional or physical scars before but despite that, they do not allow it to cloud their future. If you give love to a senior dog, you can be sure that your love will be returned a thousand more. The senior dogs will devote the rest of their lives loving you back.

They sleep when you sleep

The nap patterns of puppies are erratic. In the case of senior dogs, they can adjust to your schedule. This means that when you sleep, they also sleep. When you sit and watch TV, they will also do that.

Ultimately, when you adopt a senior dog, you have the privilege of choosing a fully formed character that will best suit your lifestyle. There will be no frills and surprises – you simply bring them to your house and make them your new best friend.

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